Basili Constructions Inc.


Rick and Phil Basili have spent most of their professional life working in different sectors of the industry and over the years, they have supervised and planned considerable projects throughout the province of Quebec. These trustworthy entrepreneurs possess all the necessary permits and licences: a general contractor licence issued from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec as well as an accreditation by the new home guarantee of the APCHQ.


At Constructions Basili Inc., you can expect craftsmanship at its best: quality work, always on budget, always on time! We cater to all your needs and help you achieve your goals: custom construction, specialized services as well as renovation and restoration projects. You will experience our passion for construction and our client satisfaction that has made our reputation through the years – because trust is everything! At Constructions Basili Inc., we value your opinion as we work with you and for you to deliver the highest quality construction, from ground breaking to the last coat of painting.


RBQ Licensed Contractor

CCQ Licensed Contractor

APCHQ Licensed Professional


RBQ Licensed Contractor, CCQ Licensed Contractor, APCHQ Licensed Professional